Comprehensive breast care center in Brooksville, Florida

Our experts at Oak Hill Hospital deliver excellent breast health care to Hernando County.

At our nationally accredited Women's Imaging Center, we offer advanced diagnostic imaging services and procedures—including 3D mammograms and breast biopsies. Using the results of these tests, we can identify any breast abnormalities and detect breast cancer at its earliest stages.

For more information about our breast health services, please call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (888) 741-5120.

The Women's Imaging Center at Oak Hill Hospital

Our Women's Imaging Center is designed to provide you with a relaxing experience in a comfortable environment.

Our breast care center offers:

  • Board-certified breast health nurses
  • Nurse navigation for positive screenings
  • Spa-like atmosphere for relaxation
  • Large, private dressing rooms
  • Excellent breast health imaging services

Breast imaging and diagnostic services

We are proud to be Hernando County's first and only Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Our expert-level breast imaging services and dedication to excellent breast health care have earned us this designation.

To help diagnose and detect breast abnormalities or diseases, we offer the following breast health imaging services.

Digital mammograms

The Women's Imaging Center provides digital mammograms. A digital screening mammogram is conducted the same way as a traditional, film-based mammogram, taking two views of each compressed breast.

Our radiologists evaluate your digital mammogram with the aid of computer-assisted detection (CAD) software. This special system increases accuracy when evaluating your mammogram results for abnormalities that may need additional imaging studies or biopsy.

Benefits of digital mammography

Digital mammography is beneficial because it:

  • Allows the radiologist to review your test on a computer screen
  • High image quality with the ability to enhance and manipulate the image for further evaluation
  • High-quality image makes it easier to differentiate cancer tissue from normal tissue
  • Digital images are obtained with up to 60 percent less radiation exposure than film images
  • Faster process means shorter mammogram exam time
  • Digital images can be stored permanently with the ability to print on film
  • Less chance of callbacks for additional testing
  • Less time in compression and a Comfort Paddle System to reduce discomfort
To schedule a mammogram, please register online or call (800) 921-7158 Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm.

Mammogram costs

A prescription is not required to have a mammogram. Patients experiencing problems with their breasts do not qualify for screening mammograms and should consult with their primary care physician.

Annual mammogram screenings are covered by most insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid.

We offer self-pay rates of $95 for 3D mammograms and $65 for 2D mammograms.

For self-pay, we accept check, cash or credit card.

Breast biopsies

These minimally invasive procedures are recommended when an area of breast tissue is suspected to be cancerous or differs from a previous mammogram. We perform stereotactic and ultrasound core biopsies at The Women's Imaging Center.

In both procedures, a small tissue sample is taken to determine if cancer is present.

If a biopsy is needed, we will assist you in making an appointment with one of our breast care surgical specialists. These specialists have committed to seeing patients of The Women's Imaging Center promptly after receiving your referral.

Breast ultrasound

This diagnostic procedure studies a specific area found on the mammogram or a lump on your breast. This exam can determine the difference between a cystic or solid mass. Breast ultrasounds are used in conjunction with mammograms. Due to their limited scope, they cannot be used as a replacement for a mammogram.

Bone density scans

Osteoporosis is a disease that depletes the minerals from our bones, making them brittle, weak and easy to break. Subtle changes in bone mineral density can be easily detected with a bone densitometry scan.

A bone densitometry scan is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic procedure. Low-dose X-rays are used to produce a computerized scan. The scan is quick, easy and painless. Your physician reviews the results of this diagnostic test to determine what steps, if any, are necessary to treat bone loss.

Breast cancer treatment can decrease levels of estrogen, which protects bones. This is why your risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures can increase after breast cancer treatment. Also, estrogen production decreases as women age. This causes brittle bones.

Breast cancer nurse navigator program

Our commitment at Oak Hill Hospital is to be your advocate and ensure you receive timely care. This is the purpose of our breast cancer nurse navigator program.

To speak with our breast cancer nurse navigator, please call (352) 597-6130.

This program helps you navigate the healthcare system, from diagnosis to breast cancer treatment.

We quickly get you more information if any of your diagnostic tests detect potentially cancerous tissue. This results in better outcomes, improved satisfaction and decreased stress/anxiety for you.

Our nurse navigator is trained to help you solve problems and overcome barriers that might keep you from getting the care you need.

Our breast cancer nurse navigator:

  • Knows the healthcare system and the overall community of our breast cancer patients
  • Helps facilitate and streamline communication between you and your providers
  • Anticipates and addresses obstacles
  • Directs you to appropriate healthcare services for timely diagnosis and treatment
  • Provides a list of financial resources
  • Connects you with community resources, support and healthcare education

Breast cancer support group

We offer a support group for women who are experiencing or have survived breast cancer. Our goal is to educate, empower and inspire newly diagnosed patients and breast cancer survivors.

The "Afternoon Tea with the Ladies" support group meets the second Tuesday of every month at 3:30pm.

To register for our breast cancer support group, please call (352) 597-6130 or register online.