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What's Your Birth Plan?

Thank you for allowing us to share in the birth of your child. The health and safety of both you and your baby are our highest priority and, above all, it is our goal to partner with you and to honor the plans you have for labor and delivery.

To this end, we are offering this Birth Plan for you to share your wishes with your doctor or midwife. This helps them to better understand what the birth experience looks like to you and allows them to discuss available options with you. Then, when it is time to come to the hospital, bring it with you!

Keeping everyone safe is our ultimate goal, but we want to be part of making the birth of your child all that you want it to be.

Should you have any questions during the planning process, please contact your doctor or midwife or call the Maternity Suites at 352-606-7300.

Develop Your Birth Plan

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