At Oak Hill Hospital, we recognize abuse of prescription controlled substances is an increasing problem within our community. In an effort to provide the best and safest care for our patients, we are following these established guidelines for pain management in our Emergency Room (ER):

  1. The safest and best care for our patients is to use appropriate management of chronic pain in consultation with the patient's primary care doctor, advanced practice professional (APP) or pain management specialist.
  2. The ER is the gateway to our health system and the ER team will effectively manage the pain of patients presenting with acute symptoms.
  3. When appropriate, the ER doctors and APPs may utilize a combination of non-opioid medications to treat pain.
  4. Adult patients will be required to provide a government issued form of identification and prescriptions will be limited to three days.
  5. Our ER team will not replace lost, stolen, or destroyed prescriptions.
  6. The ER doctors and APPs will prescribe prescription refills only in consultation and agreement with the patient's primary care doctor, APP or pain management specialist.
  7. The ER doctors and APPs will prescribe the lowest effective dosage of pain medications.
  8. The ER doctor and APPs will prescribe fast-acting pain management that offers immediate release instead of extended release of medications.
  9. The ER doctors and APPs will not administer an opiate if the patient:
    1. Received an opiate prescription within the last 10 days;
    2. Has multiple providers, forged an RX, altered a script or altered any facts;
    3. Has attempted to obtain medication under false pretenses.

These are the highlights of our established pain management guidelines. A copy of our complete guidelines may be obtained upon written request by the patient to the ER Medical Director.