What is a Hospitalist?

The medical staff at Oak Hill Hospital includes a special group of physicians called "Hospitalists." These Board Certified physicians are typically trained in Internal Medicine, and are dedicated to serving inpatients at Oak Hill Hospital.

Meet the Director

Nick Mitzov, MD

Hospitalist Medical Director

Nick P. Mitzov, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, and received his medical degree from Varna Medical University. Dr. Mitzov completed a Residency in Internal Medicine at Canton Medical Education in Canton, Ohio. Dr. Mitzov specializes in internal medicine at Oak Hill Hospital as a hospitalist.

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What Hospitalists Do?

Hospitalists streamline patient care and help busy physicians care for their patients. They don't have office practices, so they are dedicated solely to serving patients that are admitted to Oak Hill.

How Hospitalists Help?

The support of having dedicated physicians on Oak Hill's staff allows area referring physicians to stay abreast of their admitted patients' care while they continue to care for patients in their offices.

Hospitalists Partner with Physicians

They work in tandem with area primary care and specialty physicians. Daily communication and detailed discharge summaries allow hospitalists and referring physicians to work as a team providing continuity and quality care during and after the patients' hospital stay. Hospitalists help make patient care as continuous, immediate and comprehensive as possible for our patients during their hospital stay.

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