Oak Hill Hospital's Cancer Institute participates in a statewide program to improve the quality of cancer detection and care. Oak Hill Hospital maintains a Cancer Registry, as required by state law, which tracks causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and certain blood disorders. Information about each new patient diagnosed at Oak Hill Hospital is sent to the Florida Cancer Data System, where it is combined with data from all other cancer patients in Florida and studied to find ways of improving cancer care.

The Oak Hill Hospital's Cancer Institute Cancer Registry currently has information on patients diagnosed and/or treated for cancer since 1993.

Confidentiality Statement

All patient information collected by the Oak Hill Hospital Cancer Registry is kept confidential, in accordance with Florida State Statutes 395.3025 and established hospital policies. The information is only used collectively to aid research to improve the detection and treatment of cancer now and in the future.

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Lifetime Follow-ups

Oak Hill Hospital Cancer Registry records are regularly updated with information about the patient's current health status, treating physician and date of last physical examination. To capture all data for each type of cancer, patients are tracked for life.

How Information is Obtained

The Cancer Registry staff first gathers information from the medical records of patients with a cancer diagnosis who are seen or admitted at Oak Hill Hospital. Throughout a patient's life, staff will collect information from the following sources:

  • Hospital medical records.
  • Follow-up with the patient's physician.
  • Contact with the patient or patient's family, if the physician is unknown.

Your Privacy

Oak Hill Hospital's Cancer Registry in considered a public health entity, which means Oak Hill Hospital may continue to report cancer patient information - confidentially - without violating HIPAA, an act designed to protect sensitive medical information.

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