Val Haddon, DPM
Program Director of the Podiatry Residency


Marife Landburg
Residency Program Coordinator of Podiatry

(352) 592-2657


For more information, please call our Program Coordinator at (352) 597-3088 or email us.

The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rear Foot Ankle Surgery program at Oak Hill Hospital is part of the HCA West FL GME Consortium and is accredited by the Council for Podiatric Medical Education (CPME).

The competencies and rotations for this program will train and teach a graduating podiatric student to be competent in foot and ankle surgery. During the course of the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency, with added credential of Reconstructive Rear Foot/Ankle Surgery (PMSR-RRA) training program, the podiatric resident should become integrated into the medical community and learn to work with other professionals in the medical field. The resident will understand general medical, biomechanics of the lower extremity and surgical principles as well as foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.

The program shall provide enough educational experiences for a podiatry resident to become proficient in general surgical and medical principles as well as to develop an in depth understanding of podiatric surgery of the foot, including advanced rear foot/ankle surgery and trauma. The PMSR-RRA resident will be proficient at diagnosing and treating diseases of the lower extremity with emphasis on foot and ankle surgery and biomechanics.