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Selected publications:

  1. Huang J, Wu J, Dai C, Zhang X, Ju H, Chen Y, Zhang C, Ye F, Tan Y, Zong Y, Liu T. Usage of Emergency Manuals During Actual Critical Events in China: A Multi-Institutional Study. Simulation in Healthcare 2018; 13(4):253-260
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Book chapter:

  1. Huang J: Nonobstetric surgery in pregnancy women. Anesthesiology: Clinical case review. Edited by Linda S. Aglio and Richard D. Urman. Springer, pp395-403
  2. Huang, J, Zhang H: Harvard Operating Room Crisis Checklists (Chinese edition), 1st Edition, Edited by Huang J. New Youth Anesthesia Forum
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Poster presentations:

  • "Effects of Anesthesia Resident Training on Peri-Operative Patient Safety in a Community Hospital" 2019 FSA Annual Meeting. Daniel Eskander, MD; Luis Aranguren, MD
  • "Substance Abuse Incidence Amongst Student Anesthesia Assistants" 2019 FSA Annual Meeting. Shane Solimany, MD; Kate Brunet, MD;
  • "Brain or Heart? Challenging Case Presentation" 2019 FSA Annual Meeting. Benjamin Segil, DO; Patrick Ward, DO
  • "Operating Room Emergency Manuals Improve Patient Safety: A Systematic Review." 2019 ASA Annual Meeting. Wayne Simmons, DO
  • Multiple submissions in the 2019 HCA West Florida Division GME Consortium Poster Presentation Day