Oak Hill Hospital

Your Doctor

  • Your doctor arranges for your admission, decides what tests and procedures you receive, prescribes your medications and diet in the hospital, and decides when you are ready to be discharged.
  • It is important that you discuss your care with your doctor while you are hospitalized at Oak Hill Hospital.

Outpatient Testing

  • Make sure your doctor has called Central Scheduling to order your test/procedure.
  • Or, if the doctor gives the order to you, be sure to bring it with you when you report for testing. The order must be signed and dated by your physician and contain the ordered test and a diagnosis.
  • Some procedures require pre-authorization. Please confirm with your doctor and/or insurance company prior to testing.

Insurance Information

Insurance Cards

  • Bring your insurance card every time you present for services.
  • We make a copy of it so we can bill your insurer directly for your covered benefits.


  • Your co-payments are expected at the time of service.


  • It is important that you understand what your insurance covers and where you can go for care. Many insurance plans require pre-certification before admission. To avoid reduced benefits, call your insurance company to verify your coverage and make sure your authorizations are in order. If you have any financial questions, please call our Financial Counselors at (352) 597-7088 or (352) 597-7089, weekdays from 9:00am to 8:00pm.

Advance Directives

  • If you have a living will, bring a copy when you report to admitting.
  • If you want to add a living will to your medical file, find one online or request one from the admitting office.


  • Leave unnecessary valuables at home.
  • Be prepared to pay your co-payments and deductibles, but do not bring large amounts of cash with you.
  • We cannot be responsible for loss or breakage of personal items brought into the hospital.

TV and Telephone

  • There is no additional charge for your TV and local phone calls.
  • You must call collect or charge long distance calls to your home number or credit card. These charges cannot be added to your hospital bill.