The Healthcare Hero Award is awarded to associates who consistently demonstrate an ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully and effectively with others. These associates inspire their peers to excel by consistently exceeding the expectation of their position by performing at a level beyond their normal job requirements.

How to nominate an extraordinary associate

Patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and employees may nominate a deserving associate by submitting the form below.

Nominee information

Nominate an extraordinary associate as a deserving recipient of The Healthcare Hero Award. He/She consistently meets all of the following criteria:

  • Goes above and beyond to care for the needs of the patient and family.
  • Has a positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism.
  • Job performance exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of Oak Hill Hospital.
  • Is thoughtful, compassionate and caring in all situations.
  • Is energetic and passionate about their work.
  • Takes time to connect with others in a positive manner.

Award nomination form

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Thank you for taking the time to nominate an extraordinary associate for this award. Please tell us about yourself, so that we may include you in the celebration of this award should the person you nominated be chosen.


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