PGY 1 residents will be on long call every fourth day until 10:00pm and can only carry up to 10 patients at one time, admit up to five new patients in a 24 hour period, and up to eight new patients in a 48 hour period. Residents have direct senior and faculty supervision while on the floors. Oak Hill Hospital is supported by extensive ancillary services, including IV teams and phlebotomists.

The On-call Resident team receives handoff from the other teams at 5:00pm using the i-PASS system via eHandoff. The Night Medicine Team arrives at 8:00pm and the on-call team signs out to them. The night medicine intern does not admit more than 5 patients while the senior resident admits 10 patients – 5 supervising the intern and 5 independent.

Besides being faculty on-call every night with the resident, there is an Administrator on-call from the department of medicine for non-medical emergencies.

Residents in the Continuity Clinic will have no inpatient duties.