Our History

  • Discovered the need for more Florida medical residency programs for physicians.
  • Launched a successful Internal Medicine (IM) residency program in July 2014.
  • All ten IM resident positions filled on the first match.

Our Goals

  • Program favors resident education over service.
  • Teaching in the classroom is important, but training medicine by the bedside is essential, and you will learn by watching, studying, and doing.
  • To learn how to make good decisions in an atmosphere of uncertainty, we will teach critical thinking along with deliberate practice to improve your clinical reasoning skills.

Our Strengths

Ward Based System on Inpatient Floors

  • A supervising attending will be responsible for all of the patient care and teaching for resident teams, but the residents will be provided with the autonomy to develop their clinical skills.
  • Residents are responsible for all admissions, documentation, orders and discharge planning, etc., related to patient care.
  • Routine interdisciplinary work rounds provide representation and foster cooperation among nursing, pharmacy, social work and physical therapy departments.

4+1 Continuity Care Clinic Experience

  • Resident rotations will be spaced at regular intervals, including four weeks of in-patient wards or subspecialty electives, followed by a one week ambulatory clinic block.
  • No continuity clinics while on inpatient or elective services to eliminate the separation and potential conflict between the inpatient and outpatient spheres.
  • This schedule, paired with seeing patients in community based outpatient clinics, gives our resident outpatient practices real world experience. Please see the 2014 Block Schedule Sample (PDF - 369 KB)picture of pdf icon. The year is divided into 10, five week blocks. This leaves four weeks of vacations and two weeks of electives and holidays.

The First Four Weeks

  • These weeks will be devoted to the wards, electives, ICU and ER rotations.

The +1 (Fifth Week)

  • This will be the ambulatory / continuity bock.


  • Continuity Clinic (20-22 Weeks) (Access Health Care Physicians)
  • Cardiology (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Critical Care (3-4 Weeks) (Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Endocrinology (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Hematology/Oncology (3-4 weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Gastroenterology (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • General Internal Medicine (20-22 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Geriatric Medicine (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Infectious Disease (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Nephrology (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Rheumatology (3-4 Weeks) (Private Office & Oak Hill Hospital)

Quality Improvement

  • Residents are expected to participate in hospital quality improvement committees.

Business of Medicine, Health Care Reforms

  • We aim to train our residents in these essential, but frequently ignored, aspects of a physician’s daily life.
  • Organizational behavior, change management, conflict resolution and contract negotiations are vital skills. Oak Hill Hospital has conferences where these areas are explored in depth.