Oak Hill Hospital
September 25, 2017

Spring Hill, FL - The Maternity Suites at Oak Hill Hospital will hold a Childbirth Preparation Program for expectant parents on Wednesday and Thursday, October 4-5 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Oak Hill Hospital, 11307 Cortez Boulevard, Maternity Suites Education Room, North Tower third floor, Brooksville, Florida.

Admission to the program is free. To register call 844-7MY-BABY (844-769-2229) or visit OakHillHospital.com/Maternity.

Childbirth Preparation are two three hour classes followed by a personalized tour.

Childbirth Preparation will help new parents be better prepared for the birth experience. Parents will learn about the stages of labor through video animation, how the birth process unfolds using real birth stories, helpful partner support tips, what to expect from common medical procedures, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Pregnancy overview: anatomy, preparing for birth
  • Stages and phases of labor: signs of labor, symptoms of each phase, what to expect
  • Comfort measures: support team, what to pack, relaxation, breathing
  • Medical procedures: interventions, Cesarean, medical pain relief
  • Newborn: procedures, appearance and feeding

Classes are conducted by Taylor Theodore, CCC (Certified Childbirth Consultant). For more detailed information about the class, contact Ms. Theodore at (352) 585-2543 or email taylor@bellytobaby.org.