Oak Hill Hospital
March 13, 2017

Oak Hill Hospital’s second floor neuro/tele department.

Spring Hill, FL - Oak Hill Hospital announces that for the second year in a row two of its nursing departments have been recognized by HCA in its “Unit of Distinction” initiative. This year’s Unit of Distinction award went to Oak Hill Hospital’s sixth floor ortho/spine unit led by Robert Linares, BSN, RN, CCRN (Critical Care RN), NE-BC (Nurse Executive-Board Certified), RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist), Director and Kathy Roseus, RN, BSN, ONC (Orthopaedic Certified Nurse), Manager. This award represents members in the top 5% of HCA’s 477 medical/surgical units.

Members of the Oak Hill Hospital’s sixth floor ortho/spine department.

A Unit of Distinction honorable mention (top 10%) was also awarded to Oak Hill Hospital’s second floor neuro/tele unit led by Susan Cooper, MSN, BSN, RN-BC (RN Board Certified), Stacey Macmahon, RN-BC, Manager, Neuro/Tele/CDU.

About the Medical/Surgical Unit of Distinction Initiative

The medical-surgical Unit of Distinction represents the top performing medical-surgical departments within HCA. HCA has established a program to recognize top performing units displaying exemplary performance in leadership, clinical practice, and operations. Excellence in medical-surgical nursing recognizes that it takes a mature performing team of clinical staff demonstrating a commitment to professional development, positive patient outcomes, and adoption of efficient practices to achieve high performance results.

The Unit of Distinction award recognizes and celebrates the individual departments that are defining Excellence in Medical-Surgical Nursing. These units serve as role models for other HCA Medical-Surgical departments, serving as Units of Distinction.