Oak Hill Hospital December 11, 2015

Spring Hill, Florida (December 11, 2015) - The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) has recently released a report on the projected impact of the $20 million obstetrical expansion to the Oak Hill Hospital campus. The Council's report, which was requested by the Hernando County Office of Business Development, concludes that upon completion the expansion will create an additional 54 employees. The direct ongoing employment of 54 new employees in the healthcare industry generates indirect and induced effects of 32 additional jobs in Hernando County, 52 throughout the Tampa Bay region, and 68 throughout Florida. These combined jobs generate $7 million annually in personal income throughout Florida.

Total new employment for this particular project will contribute $4.9 million to the Hernando Gross County Product each year. The Gross County Product (GCP) is a concept analogous to the National Gross Domestic Product. As such, the GCP is equal to output excluding the immediate inputs, and represents compensation and profits.

In addition, the one-time event of the construction yielded 174 jobs, $4.9 million in personal income and $20.8 million in Gross County Product.

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council utilized its REMI Policy Insight model to generate the employment forecast.

Upon receiving this report Len Sossamon, County Administrator and Director of Hernando County Office of Business Development, said, "The Oak Hill Hospital expansion project is significant to our economy both during the construction period and providing long-range job benefits to the community. Oak Hill Hospital once again demonstrates that it is an important business neighbor as well as a major healthcare facility. Oak Hill Hospital generates solid continued growth to our economy as well as impacting our citizens with high quality healthcare services."

Oak Hill Hospital is available for comment. To arrange for interviews, contact Rich Linkul at (352) 597-6383.