Oak Hill Hospital December 08, 2015

Spring Hill, Florida (December 8, 2015) - Oak Hill Hospital residents were recently recognized by the Southern Medical Association (SMA) during the Abstract Competition that was held at the SMA's 2015 Annual Scientific Assembly in Destin, Florida.

The 2015 Annual Scientific Assembly is a meeting of young scientists and physicians who present their research work either orally or via a poster. Oak Hill Hospital's residents presented eight posters and one oral presentation.

"There is great benefit in participating in the research experience and this recognition. This will help these residents in their careers as fellows and leaders," said Salman Muddasir, MD, Internal Medicine Program Director of Oak Hill Hospital's Graduate Medical Education program.

Four of the eight residents who presented were recognized with awards:

  • Best Oral Presentation Awards: 3rd Place, $100 Award, Cathlen S. Delva, MD, MPH, PGY2, "HSV Pneumonitis in a Patient with Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema"
  • Best Poster Presentation Award: 1st Place, Eric H. Sladek, MD, PGY2, "P-6: Septic Pericarditis and Cardiac Tamponade Caused by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)"
  • Best Poster Presentation Award: 2nd Place--Tie, Soniya Patel, MD, PGY2, "P-10: Sternomanubrial Osteomyelitis Secondary to IV Drug Use"
  • Best Poster Presentation Award: 2nd Place--Tie, Miguel Davila, MD, PGY2 and Ali Vaziri, MD, PGY2, "P-8: Coral Snake (Elapidae) Presentation and Treatment"

About The Sma Scientific Assembly

SMA's Scientific Assembly has always been its premier event, providing an interdisciplinary forum to enhance the sharing of information, knowledge, and experience to advance the practice of medicine and opportunity for all generations of physicians to interact and learn from each other. The Annual Scientific Assembly has been designed and developed to meet the ongoing continuing needs of its members and constituents. The format includes sessions that will address, through invited guest speakers and abstract presentations, both clinical and non-clinical topics. This educational intervention enhances the ability of SMA members and all healthcare professionals to serve their patients, to fulfill credentialing requirements, and to encourage collegial interaction.

PHOTO: Eric H. Sladek, MD, PGY2, poses in front of his award winning 1st Place Poster