Oak Hill Hospital
December 28, 2018

Jeffrey Huang, MD, Program Director of HCA Anesthesiology Residency at Oak Hill Hospital, and program director of HCA Transitional Year Residency at Oak Hill Hospital, was recently invited to participate as a facilitator in the successful implementation of an emergency manual (EM) simulation instructor training course for anesthesia professionals in China. Dr. Huang is also a professor at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine and serves on the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) committee on education and training and on the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) committee on international collaboration.

The basis for the training course is that optimal outcomes in crisis situations require that critical steps are performed in a timely manner. Increasing evidence suggests that checklists facilitate completion of critical steps in crisis management. Studies suggest that simulations significantly influence provider EM use during critical events and that training was currently lacking in China. To address this a nationwide EM simulation training movement was initiated. Simulation workshops, demonstrations and training competitions had been tested as effective ways to promote multidisciplinary simulation training and implementation of operating room emergency manuals in China.

In a subsequent article written by Dr. Huang in the APSF newsletter, Dr. Huang pointed out that "training the trainer is one of the most efficient ways to spread new medical practices…We recently demonstrated the effectiveness of a two-hour EM simulation instructor training course during the 2018 Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists (CAA) annual meeting. The training course received very positive feedback from the participants and facilitators. More than 97% of the participants agreed that they will organize EM simulation training in their hospitals. Attendees of the annual meeting were able to receive EM simulation training and become qualified teachers. This training method can be applied in different regional or national meetings to train more qualified teachers."