Oak Hill Hospital
February 21, 2019

SPRING HILL, FL— Oak Hill Hospital offers lymphedema treatment services by its own certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) who works with inpatients at the bedside to plan for care after discharge as well as with outpatients by providing comprehensive decongestive therapy with their lymphedema kits.

What is Lymphedema?

The lymphatic system is responsible for absorbing fluid from the tissues and transporting it back into circulation. Lymphedema is the abnormal build-up of protein and fluid that causes tissue swelling, primarily in the arms and legs. It is typically caused by damage to the body's lymphatic system, resulting from surgery, treatment from cancer, which can include lymph node removal and/or radiation therapy infection or hereditary condition.

A Person With Lymphedema Might Experience:

  • Heaviness in the affected arm or leg
  • Clothing or jewelry beginning to feel tight
  • Loss of normal contours of the arm and leg
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Indentation in the skin when pressure is applied to the area

What is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist?

The National Lymphedema Network (NLN) and the Lymphedema Association of North America (LANA) has set standards to ensure that clinicians have sufficient training in the management of lymphedema. CDT involves two phases where phase one involves manual lymph drainage and bandaging to congest the limb and phase two aims to maintain decongestion through a whole program usually including wearing of compression garments.

For more information go to OakHillHospital.com/rehab or contact the Rehabilitation Services Department at (352) 597-6321. The Rehabilitation Services Department is located at 11307 Cortez Boulevard, State Road 50, Brooksville, Florida 34613.