Oak Hill Hospital
May 06, 2014

Spring Hill, FL – Oak Hill Hospital announces that it has introduced SurgiTraksm Patient Update System. SurgiTraksm provides notifications to the designated family members and friends of a patient’s progression through the surgical episode.

Notifications can be sent via text or email to a mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet, or any other computer or laptop with an Internet connection. This provides a patient’s family and friends with timely and automated information about their surgery, regardless of their geographic location. This not only means that patients may leave the waiting area of the surgical department but update information is also provided to out-of-town family members.

How it works

Enrollment is SurgiTraksm is triggered by a patient’s email. Once a patient’s email is identified a SurgiTraksm invitation is sent to the patient prior to their date of surgery. The email contains a link to an enrollment form that is used by the patient to enter mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses of family members and friends that have agreed to receive notifications during their surgery. The system that is used is identical to the manner in which Waiting Room OR Trackers are updated. To ensure privacy, only information related to a patient’s surgical status will be shared, such as the patient is in the operating room.

Statuses can include a combination of the following:

  • Patient in Pre-Op
  • Patient in Holding
  • Patient in Operating Room
  • Patient in Recovery
  • Patient Out of Recovery
  • Patient in Room, or Patient Discharged Home

All patients not already admitted to Oak Hill Hospital and scheduled for surgery in the main operating room are eligible for the SurgiTraksm program. For more information contact Oak Hill Hospital at 352-596-6632.