Oak Hill Hospital
April 04, 2014

Spring Hill, FL – Oak Hill Hospital announces that its Express Lab outpatient services have been relocated. Effective today the Express Lab outpatient services at Oak Hill Hospital are now relocated to a more convenient location to better serve its customers. The Express Lab has now moved to the first floor of the Hernando Medical Offices building attached to the hospital. The move was designed to provide easy access to hospital services, expedite the registration process, and provide access to the free valet parking services offered by the hospital at this location.

It is believed that this relocation better services the hospital’s customers. Below is a synopsis of the new process that visitors and patients now experience:

  • They park using the free Valet Parking
  • Enter through double doors of the Hernando Medical Office building
  • Proceed past the elevator to information desk with your prescription
  • They are provided a hand held pager
  • When pager lights up, they then proceed to registration
  • The phlebotomist escorts them to the blood drawing area.

The goal of the new move is to improve and expedite outpatient services at Oak Hill Hospital. “We trust this relocation will improve and expedite your outpatient experience at Oak Hill Hospital,” said Don Menezes, MT, MBA, Laboratory Director. “If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 352-597-3010,” he added.