Oak Hill Hospital September 04, 2015

Spring Hill, FL - Oak Hill Hospital has announced its Star Associates of the Month of June. Each month hospital associates are chosen in a process that involves nominations and voting by their peers, patients, patient families, and physicians.

This month's Oak Hill Hospital "Stars" are:

Debbie Roberts, RN, ONC

Debbie came to Oak Hill Hospital in January 2014. She is now on staff in the Orthopaedic Institute on the sixth floor. As an RN she sees her job as providing care for orthopaedic patients, directing patient care between multiple disciplines, and educating patients on orthopaedic needs. She and husband, Chuck, have a son, Chuckie, age 15, and a fuzzy Shih Tzu, Mu Shu, who is five. They all live in Homosassa.

Debbie's nominations came from nurse managers and department directors who each cited specific instances where Debbie demonstrated empathy and the desire to provide direct patient care. One caught Debbie sitting by a patient and giving the patient a foot massage while looking at the patient. Another was making rounds and witnessed Debbie with a very busy assignment. "A patient was very sick with pulmonary fibrosis and at this time was on a rebreather and comfort measures only. When I walked into his room he had both hands over his head clutching the bedrails because breathing is so difficult for him in spite of everything. I saw Debbie's name on the communication board and told him that I would be right back. I went and found Debbie who came into his room immediately, and that is where I witnessed an amazing connection. As soon as he saw her he cried and she want right over to him and took his hands and told him that she was there. She asked him if he wanted to sleep, but he said no that he was having too much trouble breathing. She said, 'I'm going to give you a foot massage.' You could see him visibly relax as she went about her business to get the things she needed to help comfort him. When I left the room the man was calm and followed Debbie's every move with his eyes." The nomination went on to point out how the supervisor could see the trust and relief in the patient's face while she was at his side. For her part, Debbie says the thing she enjoys most about Oak Hill is her coworkers and caring for her patients and families.

Phillip Colvin, Physical Therapy Assistant

Phillip joined the rehab department of Oak Hill Hospital in August 2014. He and Wendi live in New Port Richey. He has one son, Sean, one year, and two daughters: Olivia, 8, and Natalyia, 10. He views his job as "to improve our patients' safety habits and encourage a positive attitude and hard work throughout their recovery." Phillip's nomination came from patient who continually praised him for his ability to educate him and ensure "that I will not fall while walking. He suggested that I needed several items to walk better. He even showed me on my phone what the items look like. He also went above and beyond duty…my phone was locked and I could not make or receive calls and he helped me call AT&T and get the issue resolved so that my young children, family and friends could call me!" For his part Phillip says that his favorite thing about Oak Hill Hospital is "our staff. I enjoy coming to work with all of my colleagues. Everyone looks out for each other."

Ella Baxter, RN, ICU

Ella received several nominations from patients, one of which stated that the fact that Ella treated the patient, spouse, and family members "with utmost respect and with an incredible amount of sincere compassion. I am unable to express the amount of comfort that I was given by your RN Ella during our long sad stay." Another nomination came from a patient's husband who said that his wife "was placed in the hands of one of the best nurses that anyone coming to visit or sit with had ever seen. All those who came to see Ella at work would want her attending us if we were in your ICU."

In making the announcement Oak Hill Hospital's Chief Operating Officer Sonia Wellman said, "Dr. Thomas Frist, Senior, our founder, always believed that 'Good people beget good people.' People like Debbie, Phillip, and Ella prove that Oak Hill Hospital will continue the legacy."