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Ambassador Class Graduates

Oak Hill Hospital Graduates its Ambassador Class

Spring Hill, Florida (November 1, 2010) – Oak Hill Hospital has announced that another Ambassador class was graduated in October 2010. Barbara Hann, Director of Development for the HCA West FL Division, was the guest speaker. Oak Hill Hospital’s Ambassador program is designed to promote a global understanding of hospital operations and enhanced teamwork in cooperation across all internal departments.

Modeled after the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Hernando program, the Ambassador class meets once a month for the entire day and the program takes six months to complete. During class time participants visit various departments and receive an overview presented by the department director which consists of departmental goals and outcomes, financial information, strengths and challenges. Participants also receive a departmental tour, including hands-on involvement. The program began at Oak Hill in 2004. It was an idea brought forward by CEO Mickey Smith. Ambassador graduates are expected to use their knowledge to assume lead roles in projects, become active in community involvement and serve on committees and process involvement teams. The Ambassadors serve as hospital champions. The program has received rave reviews from the participants.

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