Oak Hill Hospital has announced its Star Associates of the Month of June. Each month hospital associates are chosen in a process that involves nominations and voting by their peers, patients, patient families, and physicians.

This month’s Oak Hill Hospital “Stars” are:

Tiffany Lynn Maxwell, Environmental Services Technician
Tiffany joined Oak Hill Hospital’s Environmental Services Department on March 17, 2006. Tiffany, her fiancé David Slinkard, and her son Quinlan Slinkard, age 5, all live in Brooksville. She considers the balance of her family to be her mother- and father-in-law, Theresa Slinkard and David L. Slinkard. Tiffany received several nominations from the volunteers  in the emergency room who praise her for not only her superior job in cleaning and disinfecting each room as if it were her own home, but for also “filling bottles of disinfectant to make sure that volunteers and nurses are well supplied.” She takes the time to acknowledge all the volunteers and anyone around her and “goes out of her way to help us or answer our questions.” Tiffany’s greatest attribute is her reputation for “a great personality and attitude.” Tiffany says that she tries her best to ensure that our ER patients and staff have a sanitary place to come to everyday. “I truly work as hard as I can.” She says that she loves the people, staff, patients, and even the visitors at Oak Hill Hospital. “There is so much diversity here. Every day is a learning experience.”

Howard Morrison, RN
Howard joined Oak Hill Hospital’s surgery team in June of 2001. He is responsible for preparing the operating room suites and views his role as being responsible for patient care from pre-op to recovery. Howard lives in Spring Hill and has one adult son who lives in Georgia. Howard’s nomination came from a coworker who continually observes him performing acts of kindness in the cafeteria. “During his lunch, Howard pays for the meal of the non-employee (usually elderly) person that is in line with him. He doesn’t know this person and will probably never cross paths with them again. I find this so inspiring. Howard has also been observed accompanying his patient’s family member to the lunch room, paying for their meal, and sitting with them during their lunch break.” Howard says that what he likes best about Oak Hill Hospital is being able to deliver care to patients at a stressful time in their lives…”along with a dedicated group of personnel.”

Adrian Smith, RN
Adrian joined Oak Hill Hospital’s surgical services in 1999 where he serves as the assistant director and views his primary focus as “from noon until our surgeries are completed, I work at taking care of our surgeons and staff who take care of our patients.” He and his wife, Kris, live outside of Brooksville. They have four adult children, six grandchildren, as well as five pugs and one lab. Adrian’s nomination came from a coworker who used a specific incident as an example of his going the extra mile. A patient’s husband took the time to call to say what a great help Adrian had been to him and his wife. The patient had out-patient surgery and was discharged at about 9 pm. When her husband went to have her medication filled, they learned that there was an item missing from the prescription. The patient stated, “Adrian took the time to track down the surgeon late at night and get the problem corrected.” The end result was that the patient’s medication was filled. Adrian says that there are “great people over the entire hospital and the physicians who put their trust in all of us to care for the patients.”