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Surgical Staff Adopts the Homeless

Oak Hill Hospital Surgical Staff Adopts the Homeless

Spring Hill, FL (January31,2011) - Oak Hill Hospital Surgical Staff demonstrated the real spirit of giving. While everyone knows that Christmas is a time for giving, no one knew it better than the homeless center that Brenda Cavonis, RN, Director of Surgical Services, at Oak Hill Hospital and her staff adopted.  The Rope Center, located in Hudson, is part of the Homeless Coalition serving Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties.  There are 20 residents, one an infant. The outpouring of generosity was quite overwhelming for them.  Pastor Jim Campbell and his wife, Sue, who runs the shelter, were astonished by how many gifts Brenda delivered for their Christmas party.  Some of the residents hardly had anything but the shirts on their backs. Along with the backpacks that everyone got, they received toiletry items, blankets, clothes, gloves and many other warm items.  Thanks to Brenda and her staff, the residents of the facility had a very Merry Christmas!

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