Oak Hill Hospital Announces the Formation of a Volunteer Patient Ambassador Service

Spring Hill, Florida (November 1, 2010) – Oak Hill Hospital has announced that due to the recent influx of new volunteers, the Oak Hill Hospital Volunteer Association has been able to establish the new position of Patient Ambassador. This position is filled by friendly, warm and understanding people who will comfort patients and their families through their attention and dedication to making others comfortable and welcome. The ambassador is an advocate for their patients’ needs during their stay while respecting the confidentiality of all involved.

The patient advocate’s job duties entail greeting each patient at least twice per four hour shift to determine whether the patients’ needs are being met, and if not, attempt to exceed their expectations. Whether the patient needs a newspaper, directions, a water refill or simply a friendly ear, the patient ambassador will attempt to fulfill the needs and information request.

If the patient needs medical assistance, the patient ambassador will alert the necessary medical staff and allow the medical staff to deliver the proper care.