Oak Hill Hospital
December 20, 2019

Dan Wright, MAH, BSN, RN, NE-BC

Oak Hill Hospital proudly announces that another of its top executives has been promoted to a major position within the HCA Healthcare corporate structure. Dan Wright, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Oak Hill Hospital, has been promoted to Corporate Director of Care Delivery in Nashville. Care Delivery is part of the Clinical Services Group of HCA Healthcare. He will be responsible for influencing, collaborating, and executing methodologies and processes to improve the safety, quality and experience of care delivery across the HCA Healthcare enterprise.

Mr. Wright was appointed Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Oak Hill Hospital in October 2018. During his time of service, he served as interim Chief Nursing Officer at Oak Hill Hospital and Citrus Memorial Hospital. He also supported the positive outcomes in the surveys conducted by the Agency for HealtHCA Healthcare Administration (AHCA Healthcare) and Committee for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) at Citrus Memorial Hospital. Mr. Wright worked on strategies and tactics to improve patient experience across all safety lines including safety rounds and bedside shift reports resulting in marked improvement. He worked to improve surgical service efficiencies and outcomes and served as the lead for West Florida Division's Emergency Services Shared Governance. Mr. Wright was integral to improving retention and reducing nurse turnover to less than seven percent, which is 50 percent lower than the national benchmark.

Mr. Wright received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Health Administration degrees from Ohio University. This is Mr. Wright's second career after many years as a leader in the insurance industry. The team at Oak Hill Hospital is extremely proud of Mr. Wright's accomplishments at Oak Hill Hospital and promotion to a position at HCA Healthcare Corporate.