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Resident and Faculty Evaluations

  • Constant evaluation is a critical part of any good general surgery residency program.
  • An Electronic Resident Management System, New Innovations, organizes all evaluation tools, schedules, educational goals and objectives, and communication.
  • Residents maintain a CV and educational portfolio in New Innovations.
  • 360° (multi-source) evaluations and input is solicited from all members of the healthcare team to get a snapshot of resident performance in all clinical arenas and where we can improve.
  • The Clinical Competency Committee will meet regularly to review evaluations and residents’ progress in the Clinical Milestones and the ACGME Core Clinical Competencies.
  • The program director personally addresses any training concerns and provides mentorship to help all residents achieve their goals.
  • Residents evaluate attending physicians and the training program to fulfill our goal of continual improvement, innovation and responsiveness to resident concerns.