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Program Overview

Oak Hill Hospital’s Department of Graduate Medical Education is instilled with a steadfast commitment to foster and provide the highest quality graduate medical education to our residents.

Special emphasis will be focused on:

  • Multidisciplinary team approach
  • Quality metrics
  • Disease management
  • Individualization of training to meet each resident's specific needs
  • Real time tracking of each resident's progress in line with the ACGME's Next Accreditation System
  • 100% Internal Medicine Board pass rate
  • Diagnosis skills training in a Socratic atmosphere

What Makes Us Unique?

We believe that the best way to learn medicine is one patient at a time, treating the whole patient, not the symptom. The individual patient is the focus of all rounds, which often take place at the patient's bedside. We promote and expect participation in all academic discussions.

The Five Keys To Making It Work

  • A learning environment where everyone is comfortable asking questions.
  • To provide compassionate, patient centered care while integrating the principles of evidence and value based medicine.
  • Emphasis is on the growth of residents as teachers.
  • Active engagement of the residents to gain clinical experience and knowledge in preparation of board certification.
  • To establish a supportive environment, allowing residents to develop into extraordinary individuals that genuinely care about each others' learning and personal development.

Program Goals

  • To help you assimilate and apply the knowledge and skills that you have acquired during your education.
  • To clarify the importance of mutual cooperation and professionalism with fellow physicians and hospital staff.
  • To work with various healthcare providers in the community and to understand how each of the following factors interact with each other: insurance companies; managed care business; and various federal, state and county health care agencies.
  • To train and guide you in delivering primary and subspecialty care that will help you in pursuing your career goals and dreams.


Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

  • Internal Residency Positions (10) per year

Academic Mission Statement

Oak Hill Hospital has developed a robust graduate medical education program that will support the hospital's mission. It will serve as the foundation for the education of physicians and other health care professionals committed to patient care.

For more information, please call the Medical Education Manager at (352) 597-3088 or email us.

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