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Oak Hill Hospital - Star Employees - March 2012

photo of Jennie Keefe

Jennie Keefe

Physician Lounge Attendant, Food & Nutrition Services (FANS)

Jennie joined our Food & Nutrition Services Department in September of 1995. She relocated to Spring Hill at that time, applied at Oak Hill Hospital and never left. As the doctors’ lounge attendant she sets up “the great food made by our executive chef” and delivers these foods for the physician’s dining pleasure. She is then responsible for arranging for late meals for the emergency room physicians and physicians who work performing late night surgeries. She and her husband, Steven, a lab tech in central sterile, live in Spring Hill. They have one son, Travis, and two grown daughters, Sarah, and Tonya. All three of her children were teen volunteers at Oak Hill Hospital and they are now grown and employed elsewhere. Jennie’s nomination came from the physicians who praised her for her superior service and her sense of responsibility. They have praised for how seriously she takes her job and her personal approach to our medical staff. For her part Jennie says that serving the physicians is fun and working along with coworkers is a pleasure. She feels she works in the best department. “Who doesn’t like to eat?” she says.

Judy Spencer

Judy Spencer, CNA

(Certified Nursing Assistant) and Secretary

Judy joined the surgical services team in March of 1996. She has been a pre-op secretary and CNA and has also worked in central sterile. She and her husband, Steve, live in Brooksville. They have six children, twelve grandchildren, and one great-grandchild on the way. Judy’s nomination came from an RN who praised Judy for just being a special person where Oak Hill patients are concerned. “Judy brought in four boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts for all IV therapy patients without being told to do this, and it’s not the first time she has done this. Judy seems to know what makes our patients happy.” About Oak Hill Hospital Judy says, “I work with good people. I have had a lot of jobs in my life, from farm work to factory work. I have worked in a beauty shop and sold veggies by the road. I love this one the best. I like to help people.”

Mark Buxton

Mark Buxton

Physical Therapy

Mark’s nomination came from a coworker who praised him for a wonderful job that he had done with a patient preparing to go home after a total knee replacement. “The patient was unsure of herself and her ability to perform the knee exercises that Mark taught her. Mark would come back to see the patient. He took extra time to listen to her concerns and work with her until she was comfortable performing them on her own.”

In making the announcement Oak Hill Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer Sonia Gonzalez said, “Dr. Thomas Frist, Senior, our founder, always believed that ‘Good people beget good people.’ People like Jennie, Mark and Judy prove that Oak Hill Hospital will continue the legacy.”