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Oak Hill Hospital - Star Employees - November 2011

photo of Jared Hanlon, RN

Jared Hanlon, RN

Jared joined Oak Hill Hospital in February 2008. He has served in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU) and now works on the second floor of progressive care unit. As an RN he sees his job to assess, evaluate, medicate, intervene and educate patients. “I work with the rest of the healthcare team to give our patients the best care possible.” He and his wife, Leslie Flynt, live in Spring Hill. His nominations came from patients and their families who commended Jared for his caring and attention with the needs and discomforts that patients would have within that unit. One patient stated that “Jared has consistently gone above and beyond what I have been accustomed to receiving in the hospital over the years. He has the gift of putting one at ease and is extremely attentive.” For his part, Jared says that taking care of patients is his passion. “What makes Oak Hill Hospital great for me are the people I work with. Second floor PCU has some of the best nurses and care team members in Oak Hill Hospital. I’m proud to be a part of our unit.”

photo of Melanie McHugh, CNA

Melanie McHugh, CNA (Certified Nurse’s Assistant)

Melanie joined Oak Hill Hospital in 2010 where she works primarily in telemetry but she also floats through departments such as the intensive care unit, the emergency department, progressive care unit and our medical units. She now works as a Certified Nurses Assistant in our telemetry department where she obtains vital signs, assists patients with basic needs and “help the nurses with whatever they need help with.” Melanie lives in Spring Hill with her father and mother, Michael and Lynn, and her two brothers, Michael McHugh, II, and Robert McHugh. Melanie’s nomination came from her coworker who regards Melanie’s first priority as her patient. This particular coworker has floated to different floors with her and cited an incident where her workload happened to have been heavier than Melanie’s. Melanie suggested that “we make them our patients.” She teamed up with her coworker to tackle the floor together and gave all the patients the care that they deserved. Melanie was particularly complimented for her sense of teamwork. For her part Melanie says that her coworkers are outstanding and amazing mentors. “I get the opportunity to float to multiple departments and learn every day.”

In making the announcement Oak Hill Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer Sonia Gonzalez said, “Dr. Thomas Frist, Senior, our founder, always believed that ‘Good people beget good people.’ People like Jared and Melanie prove that Oak Hill Hospital will continue the legacy.”