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Oak Hill Hospital Announces Its Associates of the Month

August 24, 2012

Brooksville, FL - Oak Hill Hospital has announced its Star Associates of the Month of August. Each month hospital associates are chosen in a process that involves nominations and voting by their peers, patients, patient families, and physicians.

This month’s Oak Hill Hospital “Stars” are:

Sandy Lee, BS, RT (ARRT), CT

Sandy LeeSandy Lee, BS, RT (ARRT), CT

Sandy joined Oak Hill Hospital’s Imaging Department in January 2003 where she operates our CAT scan machine and has also operated our MRI. In the Imaging Department she works with both in-patients and out-patients to “provide compassionate care while providing the radiologist and ordering physicians with a quality study, which is needed to help improve the well being of the patient.” Sandy’s nomination came from a patient who congratulated us for gaining a “GREAT” employee. Our patient is a regular in the Imaging Department and he complimented Sandy for being understanding, compassionate and caring. “I never thought I would look forward to going to the hospital, but seeing her makes it all great. Don’t let her get away from you or it will be a big loss for the hospital.” For her part, Sandy says that what she likes about Oak Hill Hospital is meeting and interacting with interesting people not only her coworkers but the physicians and the patients as well. “Getting to do something I love – I find personal satisfaction – a type of completeness in helping others.”

Tina Sampson, RN

Tina SampsonTina Sampson, RN

Tina joined Oak Hill Hospital’s Telemetry Department on the fifth floor in June 2011 where she serves as an RN in a 50 bed unit, treating patients with heart failure, chest pain, COPD and medical conditions. She and her family live in Hudson. Her family consists of her husband, Bryan, their six year old son, Gabriel, and their two year old daughter, Brynn. Tina’s nomination also came from a patient who wanted to tell us that “Before my next visit to your fine facility I thought it appropriate to give you an update on my first visit to a hospital in 81 years and 10 months of my life.” Our former and soon-to-be-again patient then went on to talk about being admitted to the emergency room of our hospital, and becoming a patient on the fifth floor for the next five days, with pneumonia. He wrote a letter to compliment the hospital and staff for the excellent care, coworkers, clean facility and “food that meets standards.” He said that he personally had nothing but praise for the facility and in particular singled out Tina Sampson as she was what he regarded to be the best of the best. He praised her for paying attention to details and praised the staff for getting him to a point where he could now write the letter. “You and your staff and workers are to be complimented.” For her part Tina says, “I have great directors and coworkers who make a challenging job easier. I truly like being able to problem solve and talk to patients, getting to know them.”

In making the announcement Oak Hill Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer Sonia Gonzalez said, “Dr. Thomas Frist, Senior, our founder, always believed that ‘Good people beget good people.’ People like Sandy and Tina prove that Oak Hill Hospital will continue the legacy


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